Chippewa Valley Antique Engine and Model Club

Who we are Chippewa Valley Antique Engine and Model Club was started in April of 1963.
A group of friends created a club that was made up of people interested in collecting, operating, and restoring old engines. It would be named "Chippewa Valley Antique Engine and Model Club" as it had members that were from a 60 mile radius around Eau Claire, WI.

Today, the shows are no longer held at local members farms but at our own show grounds called Pioneer Park. Each show day is started off right with a hearty pancake breakfast. The sound of the blacksmith shop can be heard throughout the grounds along with the pop of well tuned antique tractors and engines. Lumber still gets sawn, grain is still threshed and the sights and sound of the steam engines still echo throughout the show just as they did back in 1963 at the very first Pioneer Days show.

Join Us Are you someone who loves antique farming equipment and tractors? Do you have a passion for educating people on history? Then consider joining our membership. If you join you'll recieve: A membership card, free entry into the fairgrounds, and voting rights.

To become a member fill out and mail the following pdf. The mailing address is on the bottom of the document. Never miss a meeting by veiwing our schedule here.